Craft Workshops Ilfracombe

Visit Shirmart Craft for craft workshops in Ilfracombe. From knitting and sewing workshops through to jewellery-making, we offer an engaging and friendly environment for honing craft skills. Craft workshops are perfect for anyone looking to get creative or try something new. Whether you are new to the skill or well-practised, our friendly and supportive workshops help you learn and experiment with various craft techniques. Whether you are in Ilfracombe or a nearby area such as Braunton or Barnstaple, choose us for interesting and engaging craft workshops. Get in touch on 01271 268353 if you have any further enquiries.

Knitting Workshops

Whether this is your first time crafting, or you are an experienced craftsperson, our knitting workshops will help take your knitting skills to the next level. From finishing a project you’ve already started to brainstorming new creations, our relaxed and friendly setting is the ideal place to get absorbed.

Sewing Workshops

From seamstresses through to amateurs, our sewing workshops are great for everyone. With our specialist and knowledgeable staff, we can help you grasp sewing techniques and guide you in creating beautiful designs. Whether you have something to mend or want to create a bespoke gift, pop along to one of our sewing workshops for expert guidance.

Crochet Workshops

No matter if this is your first time attending crochet workshops, or you are an expert, our workshops are great for beginners and experienced craftspeople alike.

Jewellery Making

Here at Shirmart Craft, we are proud to host jewellery-making workshops, giving you the skills you need for unique and elegant designs. From necklaces and bracelets through to rings and earrings, our comprehensive jewellery-making materials and essentials help you bring your vision to life.

Professional And Knowledgeable Specialists

We have professional and knowledgeable craft specialists here in our craft shop, and so can advise on the materials and tools you need for your projects.

Visit Shirmart Craft

Visit Shirmart Craft for fun and engaging craft workshops in Ilfracombe. Whether you are based locally or in a nearby area such as Braunton or Barnstaple, make us your first choice for craft advice and essentials. Call us on 01271 268353 for more information on our workshops.
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